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Shipping Information

Local Delivery/ Shipping

For customers purchasing within Jamaica, the options for domestic shipping are as followed:

  1. Knutsford Express - starting at $650JMD or the US equivalent 

  2. Tara Courier - starting at $500JMD or the US equivalent 

  3. Jamaica Post - starting at $500 JMD or the US equivalent 

International Shipping

Pieces may be ship anywhere in the world that you require. The shipping options are:

  1. FedEx

  2.  DHL

  3. Jamaica Post 

When shipping using the Jamaica post there are three options to send your parcels overseas.

  1. Ordinary by Air is treated as a priority and takes approximately 14 business days to reach the destination country. 

  2. Surface Air Lift (SAL) is a non-priority mail service and usually takes 6 to 8 weeks to arrive in the destination country.

  3. Fast Track Service is offered to select countries and takes 3 – 5 business days to arrive in the destination country.

No matter what option you choose, you will be able to access online tracking and customer service assistance.

Currently, I've only set up shipping parameters for the United States of America and Jamaica. If you'd like pieces shipped elsewhere please contact me and this can definitely be arranged. 

The cost of shipping is largely dependent on the size and/or weight of the piece. Please contact me for further information.  

Please note that there may be certain pieces that I would recommend not to be shipped based on how fragile that piece is (however, this rarely happens). 

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